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Genuine (original) and non-genuine KIRBY bags

Why pay more for original KIRBY bags?

Your Kirby Home Care System is designed for superior performance when vacuuming. Your Kirby filtration bag is a major part of your KIRBY filtration system. It is designed to keep the harmful particles inside your KIRBY bag and not release them back into the air you breathe. That is if you are using original bags :).

The Original / genuine KIRBY bags are produced to pass HEPA Filtration standards, meaning that almost no dust, dust mite excrements or other harmful tiny particles will be released back into the air while vacuuming.

The picture above shows Original KIRBY Bag on left, stopping the background light and non-genuine bag that you can almost see-trough. Which one do you think stops more dust and filters better the air?

Grey market or non-genuine bags usually do not have HEPA seals for passing HEPA standards and may release harmful allergens and dust back into the air. What sense does it make to spend thousands on the best vacuum around and try to save cents on bags at the cost of your own health?

So, how to find out, if the bag you are looking to buy is Original / Genuine KIRBY bag?

Original KIRBY Bags will have the KIRBY logo and signature on the packaging and on the bag itself.

The picture bellow shows where to look for the KIRBY logo and KIRBY signature.

Non-genuine KIRBY Bags will have no KIRBY signature and will be made by someone else.

The ink colour may vary and could be black, green, blue or other colour. However if your bag does not look like the one on the picture AND does not have KIRBY Logo and signature on it - it is not genuine KIRBY Bag!

The image bellow shows some samples for non-genuine KIRBY Bags. Notice that the bag does not have any writing on it but often is sold by the sales person in the store as same as KIRBY bag! I have even seen those bags sold online as genuine! So be careful!

Regardless of what the advertisement on the box or the sales person tells you - the above bag is not a Genuine KIRBY Bag, does not use same materials as Genuine KIRBY Bags, does not provide same level of filtration as Genuine KIRBY Bags and is not the same product as Genuine KIRBY Bag! It's likely that this bag won't even fit properly, and after use of such products your Kirby Zipper bag will be full of dust. The Zipper bag is not designed to stop fine particles from getting into the air. This is the job of the disposable Kirby bag.

Here are some more samples of other, NON-GENUINE KIRBY Bags.

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Product Categories

Kirby Bags

Genuine KIRBY bags with superb micro-magic HEPA filter. Kirby bags are much better quality and do many times better filtration than other after market products.

The Kirby bags fit Sentria II F-style or any other Sentria, G3, G4, G5, G6, Diamond and Ultimate G KIRBY systems. They do fit also any S style machines - from Sentria to Heritage.

Do not fall for a cheaper after market bags! They may pose health hazard, can aggravate allergies and asthma! It may also damage your KIRBY System and cost you a fortune in repairs later!

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Kirby Belts

Original KIRBY belts. For Kirby Vacuum Head and Shampoo system. Fits all KIRBY systems - Sentria, Ultimate G, G7, G6, G5, G4, G3, Heritage and Legend.

Frayed or deteriorating belts interfere with the brush roll's ability to do its job.

Do not fall for a cheaper grey market belts! You are not saving much, and they often overheat and damage your machine. That will cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

We use only genuine KIRBY belts (Made by KIRBY with the KIRBY stamp on them, which are durable and are designed to work with your Kirby System).

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Kirby Shampoo

The Allergen Control Formula Kirby Shampoo Neutralizes dust mite allergens and reduces allergens caused by pollen, dust and danders

The unique anti-resoiling ingredients in this Kirby Shampoo, help your carpets look clean for longer.

The shampoo not only cleans, but also assists with neutralising dust mite allergen and reduces allergens caused by pollens, dust and pet dander.

The special dry foam formula prevents over wetting of the carpet.

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Kirby Attachments

Over 15 Different attachments for cleaning your house.

Hoses, hard floor attachments, grout cleaners, zip brushes, extension poles, surface nozzles end more.

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Kirby Brushes

The Original Genuine Kirby Brushes are designed to last many years.

On average those Kirby head brushes do last 20+ Years.

We stock Kirby brushes for Heritage, Legend, Kirby G3, Kirby G4, Kirby G5, Kirby G6, Kirby G7, Ultimate G and Kirby Diamond edition, Sentria, Sentria II and 2015 Kirby Avalir

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Kirby Power Cords

Original Kirby Power Cords are distinct and very high quality product.

We stock cables for Kirby Heritage, Legend, Kirby G3, Kirby G4, Kirby G5, Kirby G6, Kirby G7, Ultimate G, Kirby Diamond Edition as well as for Sentria, Sentria II and the latest 2015 Kirby Avalir.

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Kirby Parts

Kirby, Genuine Original Parts. You can find some parts here for your kirby. We have over 200 parts in stock at any time for all your Kirby models like: Kirby G3, Kirby G4, Kirby G5, Kirby G6, Kirby G7, Ultimate G, Kirby Diamond edition, Kirby Sentria, Sentria II and Kirby 2015 Avalir!

Do not Fall for fake / grey market / after market parts! Always use quality Original Kirby parts!

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