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Welcome to Kirby Service in Perth

We service and repair KIRBY Home-Care Systems. We aim for best quality service and perfect customer support!

Your one stop shop for repair, service and Kirby consumables in Perth, Western Australia.

We Deliver all over Australia! We usually post same business day. Delivery times as a general guide deliveries to major cities will take 1 to 2 days whilst it could take up to 5 days for more remote areas. Backorders: We strive to have all items in stock. However, If for any reason we are unable to dispatch your order we will try to notify you within 3 business days.

We are located in Australia and have been operating for many years. We stock all Kirby Parts! If you cannot find the part or product you are after, please do not hesitate to call us on 08 95925379.

All Parts come with 12 Months warranty.

Located in Rockingham, we offer free pick up and delivery in the nearby areas, including Mandurah and Rockingham. Our dedicated Kirby service team is committed to providing you and your Kirby home care system with excellent service at all times.

From Kirby replacement belts, bags, shampoo and specialist stain removers to repairs and servicing, we can offer you quality workmanship and original parts to make your Kirby Vacuum Cleaner work perfectly for many years to come and look like new.

Whichever Kirby Home Care System model you have (Heritage, Legend, G3, G4, G5, G6, Ultimate G, Diamond or Sentria) we may be able to help with repair and upgrade.

Why should I service my home-care system regularly?

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Kirby Attachments for SENTRIA II
Online Price ONLY!
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Hard floor plate

With this hard floor plate you can use your Kirby home are system to clean hard floors, tiles and other hard surfaces.

The Genuine Kirby duster pad for hard floors or the Kirby hard floor duster pad assembly allows your Kirby vacuum to glide across all hard floors and simply clips onto the brush holder.

Use on all Kirby G3, Kirby G4, Kirby G5, Kirby G6, Kirby Ultimate G, Kirby Diamond Edition, Kirby Sentria

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 205906s
AUD 45.00 order

Kirby Cracks and Crevice Tool

Kirby Crevice Tool is used for all those hard to reach places like sliding doors rails or sliding windows rails, corners or behind heavy objects and furniture, in the car - aircon vents, around the gear switch and between the seats. The Crevice KIRBY attachment helps you reach and clean all those hidden and hard to reach places. It is a MUST HAVE!

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 225706s
AUD 45.00 order

Genuine original KIRBY Vacuum Surface Nozzle Hard Floor Attachment Head

Genuine original KIRBY Vacuum Hard Floor Attachment Head Surface Nozzle Assembly Attachment. Replaces 215411, 215406 and older. Although the colors of models are different, attachments are interchangeable with the following Kirby Vacuum Models: Avalir, Sentria II, Sentria I, Kirby Ultimate G, Kirby Diamond, Kirby G6, Kirby G5, Kirby G4 and Kirby G3.

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 215412
AUD 69.00 order

Kirby Replacement Hose

Standard Flexible Kirby Hose 7 Feet long

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 223614S
AUD 129.00 order

Kirby Duster Brush (Kirby Horse Hair Brush)

Kirby Duster Brush will take care of all the dusting needs in your home - from the electronics and soft toys to ornaments and skirting boards. It should be called dust-buster brush :)

Fits all models

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 218414
AUD 45.00 order

Kirby Stretch Hose

Kirby hose that can stretch to 12 Feet, giving you an opportunity to reach further when you clean, and in the same time is compact and easy to store.

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 225406S
AUD 149.00 order

Kirby Wall and Ceiling Brush

Kirby Wall and Ceiling Brush is Perfect for picking up spider webs, cleaning on top of the furniture or interior brick walls

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 210814S
AUD 45.00 order

Kirby Vacuum Extension Wand (Extension pipe, extension pole)

Genuine Kirby Stackable Light-Weight Carbon Fibre Wands with a micro-groove technology will extend your reach.

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 224014
AUD 45.00 order

Kirby Zip Brush

This is the Original Kirby ZIP Brush for the Kirby Avalir 2015.

Online price only!
In-store prices can vary.
part id: 293517
AUD 215.00 order
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